Athletes representing East Wales (or on the cusp of joining the team)  benefit from a program of development days to supplement their own club coaching. The region also hosts occasional ‘taster days’ for athletes and coaches to try different disciplines in a fun environment.

Endurance Athletes – Development days to develop the regional Endurance Team
Track & Field Athletes – Development days to focus on sprints, hurdles and middle-distance events.
Cross Country – Development Days to develop the regional Cross Country Team
Trail and Mountain Running – Development Days to develop technique and develop the regional team.

Coaches are invited to attend development days to further their coaching development.

Endurance Coaching with Steve Mitchell

Development Days

Lead Coach – Steve Mitchell
Support Coaches – Dave Rolls, Deb Quirk, Luke Morris
The East Wales Welsh Athletics regional endurance program is an exciting initiative which aims to improve performance in endurance athletics in the region.
Throughout the year there are three regional training days, and approximately 9 hub training sessions (leading to approximately one session every month).
The aims for athletes of these sessions are as follows:
1. To provide additional regular high quality training group for junior athletes
2. To provide information to athletes on training and athlete lifestyle choices
The aims for coaches at these sessions are as follows:
  1.  To provide session and coaching ideas
  2. To build a network of coaches who want to share and discuss ideas
 If you have any  queries regarding the program, please contact Steve by email


Training Day 6 March Oakdale

Thank you to everyone who attended the East Wales session at Oakdale Athletics Track last Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed and furthermore, I hope you found the session beneficial and were able to learn from it.
Notes from the training session are posted here, so that athletes, coaches and parents can refer back to in order to remind themselves of what was done in the session, how it was done and why it was done.
If you have any questions then please feel free to ask.

Training Day – 25 April 2021 – Brecon Athletics Track

Process goals for the session

1.       For athletes to consider and practice race day preparations and routines

2.       For athletes to attempt to implement a race plan in a time trial setting

3.       For athletes to evaluate what went well and what could have been improved in their time trail, therefore taking the experience and lessons learned with them into future races

Before training day

Athletes provided with an infographic on Race Day Preparation with six key points to consider for upcoming races:

1.       Discuss a race plan

2.       Be prepared

3.       Nutrition

4.       Complete a through warm up

5.       Believe in yourself

6.       Learn from each race

See the infographic for more details on these six points.

Athletes were encouraged to consider the six points and discuss with their coach before the day of the time trials so that they could practice the elements recommended on the infographic in the time trial. There was then a discussion on the information in the inforgraphic at the start of the training day.

Time Trials

Athletes had been given the time table for the time trials and who would be in each time trial prior to the training day, as would be the case in most races, especially championship races. Athletes were encouraged to start warming up at the correct time so that they were ready for their time trail. Athletes then undertook the time trial (either 1500m and 3000m). After the time trial athletes were encouraged to perform a warm down

After time trials

Athletes were encouraged to go back to the six key race day preparation points on the infographic and consider, with the aid of their coaches, what they did well and what they could improve upon in future races. To help with this, athletes were provided with their 400m splits and final time trial times so they could see if they were even paced or if there were sections when they slowed down or sped up. Athletes were reminded that even paced running is the quickest way to run these distances.

Session Notes

2022 – 6 March 2022 Oakdale Track

22_03_06 notes from regional training day at Oakdale Athletics Track

2021 Session Notes
25 April Brecon Athletics Track

Preparing for Races Infographic.

2020 Session Plan
November 28 Parc Bryn Bach

Session Notes

First Regional Training Day
*28 September 2019 – Markham Centre
Session Notes

First Hub Session
*19 October – Brecon
Session Notes

Second Hub Session
*2 November – Chepstow
Session Notes

Second Regional Training Day
*30 November – Brynmawr Foundation
Session Notes

Third Hub Session
*28 December – NIAC
Session Notes

Fourth Hub Session
*18 January – Pontypool Park
Session Notes

3rd Regional Training Day
*15 March – Newport (Cancelled)
Session Notes

Fifth Hub Session
*18 April – Brecon (Cancelled)
Session Notes

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