Well done to the eight athletes who have so far submitted your performances for the virtual 2km Battle of the Regions. Some very good performances.

There were 34 of you who entered from the East, so I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of you perform.
Remember you have until midnight on Sunday (21st February) to submit your performances.
When you provide information on your performance please take care to ensure you use your name (not your parents’ name) and you enter the correct age group before you submit your performance.
There have been a number of errors with both of these so far leading to the race organiser having to delete incorrect records and corrected records having to be submitted. Below is a final reminder on how to submit your performances:

To submit your results you need to do the following: 

You need to re-visit the page link you were supplied with to enter this event https://data.opentrack.run/en-gb/x/2021/GBR/v2kbotr/

When you click this link you will go to the page shown in the screenshot below. You will see top right of the screenshot below ‘ABOUT’ & ‘LOG IN/SIGN UP’

Click ‘LOG IN’ with the username and password you created or have used from previous entries on Open Track

When you have logged in you will see extra yellow buttons as with the screenshot below

Click on either option which you prefer

Then add your information, 

Best of luck to those of you still to do your performance and upload your result. Let’s show that East is the strongest region! Any questions please ask.
Kind regards

Steve Mitchell(East Wales Welsh Athletics regional coordinator for endurance)

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