Mary Jones RIP

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The family of athletics In Wales are saddened to hear the news of Mary’s passing after a long illness bravely borne.  We wish to offer our most sincere condolences to Sally, David and family.

Mary came into athletics supporting her husband John who was a sprinter. Both of Mary’s children were athletes and Mary attended many grass roots meetings encouraging them in their chosen events.

Following the death of her husband Mary returned to athletics and trained as an official. Mary was one of the first women starters and marksman in Wales. She later qualified as both a track and field judge in the 1980s.

Mary officiated at both Valley and Gwent cross country leagues. She was an important member of Gwent AAA where she undertook the role of Championships secretary for many years. She represented East Wales at the General Council in 2010.

Mary was a life member of Cwmbran Harriers. Shewas Treasurer of Torfaen AC which became Cwmbran Harriers where she continued in this role and also became membership secretary of Cwmbran Harriers. She represented her club at Welsh Athletics AGMs and would always uphold the views of the club and area.

As Coordinator and Treasurer of the South East Wales Track and Field League Mary made a significant contribution to the development of grass roots athletics in Wales.

Mary also served Welsh Athletics as both a track and a field technical official. She served as a Field Official at the Welsh Championships at Cwmbran in 1994, a Field Official at the Welsh Games in 2002 and a Field Official at the Wales v England v Ireland v an International Select Indoor International in 2003.

Mary was appointed part of the Welsh Athletics management team at the Celtic Games held at Mary Peter’s Stadium, Belfast.

In 2001 Mary was presented the Welsh Athletics Meritorious Award, followed by the Award of Honour in 2013.

Outside of athletics Mary was a FE Lecturer, in dressmaking, at Pontypool College. She could frequently be seen behind the wheel of the Mayoral car as she was a part time chauffeur for the borough.

Another of Mary’s passions was her caravan. She travelled across Wales, even transporting athlete’s poles to the Welsh Championships in Wrexham.

Mary will be remembered as a champion of grass roots athletics. She loved our sport and was greatly respected by her friends, colleagues, and athletes alike.

Joyce Tomala, Life Member Cwmbran Harriers

Lynette Harries, Honorary President Welsh Athletics

Mary made the decision for a pure cremation, with no funeral or service. The family have said that if anyone wishes to make a donation in Mary’s memory, please support Parkinson’s Disease research.

Track & Field Inter-regional Championships

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28th August 2021, Carmarthen

Congratulations to all East Wales athletes who took part in the Inter-regional Track and Field Championships on 28th August, Carmarthen.

The team gelled well together and produced some excellent performances to secure 3rd place overall.

Joe Edwards, Brecon AC won the U13Boys 800m with a Championship Best Performance of 2.23.22, an outstanding performance.

Other winners were:

U13 Girls – Grace Hawker, Rhymney Valley AC U13 Shot,

U15 Girls – Scarlett Cargill, Newport Harriers, 75mh, Lily Oakenfield, Newport Harriers 800m,

     Esther Kazeem, Scarlett Cargill, Alyssa Fitzgerald, Jocelyn Higgs 4 x 100m relay

U15 Boys – Cameron Eley, Newport Harriers 80mh,

Four athletes gained second place in their respective events

Ten athletes gained third place in their respective events

Personal best performances were achieved by sixteen of our athletes.

A total of fifty two athletes from Blaenau Gwent, Brecon AC, Cardiff Athletics, Cardiff Archers, Newport Harriers, Rhymey Valley AC, represented East Wales.

May I thank all athletes and Officials for their commitment to East Wales as well as spectators who supported the East Wales Team.

Joyce Tomala (Chair East Wales RAC)

Full results

EAST WALES RAC    U13G     time
Surname   Club Event Pos distance
Price Holly Brecon walk 4th 7.09.17
Hendy Lily-May BGw long Jump 9th 3.34
Odugbesan Tiana Archers long Jump 8th 3.46
Murphy Amiele Brecon long Jump 6th 3.57
Evans Rosie Brecon long Jump 4th 3.70
Greaves Amelia Brecon High Jump 7th 1.20
Odugbesan Tiana Archers High Jump   NH
Evans Rosie Brecon High Jump 8th 1.15
Hughes -Rolls Ava Cardiff Javelin 4th 20.24
Stratford Davies Ava Npt Javelin 3rd 20.42
Werner Teagan Npt Javelin 2nd 23.23
Morris Grace BGw Javelin 8th 14.25
Odugbesan Tiana Archers 70mh 7th 14.50
Murphy Amiele Brecon 70mh 3rd 13.01
Williams Ffion Npt 70mh 10th 18.01
Davies Anna Npt 70mh 9th 17.33
Stratford Davies Ava Npt 100m 8th 14.36
Taylor Hollie Npt 100m 9th 14.69
Beaven Aaliyah Npt 100m 4th 14.10
Fitzgerald Riley Npt 100m 11th 14.89
Codling Lois Npt 800m 5th 2.34.24
Parry Eva RV 800m 6th 2.35.49
Hendy Lily-May BGw 800m 10th 3.04.06
Harris Pippa Brecon 800m 11th 2.54.73
Hawker Grace RV Shot 1st 8.22
Paterson Tegwen RV Shot 3rd 8.01
Roberts Bronwen Brecon Shot 8th 6.07
Hughes -Rolls Ava Cardiff Shot 6th 6.95
Murphy Amiele Brecon 4 x 100m   3rd 56.46
Odugbesan Tiana Archers
Beaven Aaliyah Npt
Stratford Davies Ava Npt
Surname   Club Event    
Parry Nia Npt long Jump 5th 4.29
Wyer-Samuel Tia BGw long Jump 2nd 4.50
Parry Nia Npt High Jump 4th 1.35
Higgs Carys Npt Javelin 4th 19.17
Cargill Scarlett Npt 75mh 1st 12.02
Simons Darcey Archer 75mh 4th 13.53
Williams Millie Npt 75mh 7th 15.45
Fitzgerald Alyssa Npt 100m 8th 13.88
Kazeem Esther Npt 100m 2nd 13.09
Higgs Jocelyn Npt 100m 4th 13.40
Cargill Scarlett Npt 100m 3rd 13.20
Oakenfield Lilly Npt 800m 1st 2.23.84
Morris Ellie BGw 800m 5th 2.31
Fitzgerald Alyssa Npt Shot 6th 7.61
Holdcroft Darcey RV Shot 4th 8.13
Kazeem Esther Npt 4 x 100m     1st 51.59
Cargill Scarlett Npt
Fitzgerald Alyssa Npt
Higgs Jocelyn Npt
EAST WALES RAC    U13B      
Surname   Club Event    
Gladwin Joseph Npt High Jump 6th 1.15
Rowe Ethan Npt High Jump 3rd 1.30
Johnson Henry Brec Javelin 5th 15.68
Faulkner-Clegg Henry Npt Javelin 4th 16.68
Davies Ellis Bre 100m 9th 14.76
Bowd Efan BGw 100m 8th 14.63
Gladwin Joseph Npt 100m 7th 14.40
Davies Ellis Bre long Jump 4th 3.97
Gilbert Tom RV long Jump 5th 3.87
Gladwin Joseph Npt long Jump 3rd 4.03
Johnson Henry Brec long Jump 7th 3.60
Faulkner-Clegg Henry Npt Shot 8th 5.28
Gilbert Tom RV 800m 3rd 2.30.37
Evans Dylan Npt 800m 5th 2.33.83
    Bre 800m 1st CBP 2.23.22
Chalke William Npt 800m 6th 2.35.04
Bowd Efan BGw 4 x 100m   3rd 57.97
Edwards Joe Bre
Davies Ellis Brec
Gladwin Joseph Npt
Surname   Club Event    
Eley Cameron Npt long Jump 2nd 5.59
Eley Cameron Npt High Jump 4th 1.55
Mitchell-Fofana Sebastian Car High Jump 7th 1.35
Bishop Jorge Npt Javelin 6th 27.12
Organ Henry Bre Javelin 8th 24.81
Wiltshire Cormac Npt Javelin 10th 22.47
Eley Cameron Npt 80mh 1st 11.91
Mitchell-Fofana Sebastian Car 80mh 6th 16.04
Organ Henry Bre 100m 9th 13.79
Kovac Theo Brec 100m 4th 12.50
Peltor Alex Bre 800m 5th 2.25.27
Wiltshire Cormac Npt Shot 8th 9.19
Bishop Jorge Npt Shot 6th 9.53
Mitchell-Fofana Sebastian Car Pole Vault 6th 2.10
Mitchell-Fofana Sebastian Npt 4 x 100m     3rd 50.08